Just as long as they don’t supply pine cones as TP

Ryan Air to charge for use of toilets? It’s “under consideration.” I suppose guys like me can just open a window but it seems harsh for the ladies. Discrimination!

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  1. Walt

    Chris, Chris, Chris –
    I am sure you joke my friend, but as a man about town, I see how bad it is out there. Read this for Pete’s Sake:
    It’s friggin SCARY what is going on. Monica and I actually considered passing on ordering appetizer’s last night. (only kidding – the stone crabs were a steal at $29.95). But really, folks need to be careful. Which may hurt the uppercrust Greenwich real estate market for quite some time. (Sorry, buddy)
    In the interim, they need a safe harbor for their money, and FGG can help. So we are there for you.
    You Palm Beach partner,