Late Friday afternoon developments in market

7 Gisborne Pl

7 Gisborne Pl

This Old Greenwich house sold for $1.810 million in April, 1999. The buyers renovated it and added on, then sold it for $2.860 in January ’07. Those buyers tried reselling it for $3.095 but were unable to find a buyer until they lowered its price to $2.5 million on January 27 of this year. It went pretty quickly then, and yesterday was reported as under contract.

718 North Street

718 North Street


This North Street property continues to encounter difficulties in finding a buyer, despite it being a nice house on a beautiful setting. It sold for $3.583 in ’01 and was put back up for sale in 2004 at $4.350. It didn’t sell and the owners pulled it from the market until May, 2008, when they again asked $4.350. No takers still, so yesterday it was reduced to $3.2 million.


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2 responses to “Late Friday afternoon developments in market

  1. CEA


    Run, don’t walk, and go to Loch Lane (off North Street, right across from the Merritt entrance). There are THREE (3!) houses going up, right across the street from that turreted spec house. (so 4 total)

    One of the 3 houses on Loch is a castle of enormous size (not spec). The other two are traditional large spec. You HAVE to see it – it’s like 2006 all over again!


  2. SizeBuyer

    718 is alright long driveway a lot of front yard and no back yard and house right behind you. so unless you are interested in paying 3.2 for a building lot I suggest find something else.

    as for gisborne sold to you