Obama – no coal, no nukes, it’s propeller beanies for all!

Obama cut off all funding for the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste depository. Harry Reid is delighted as will be anti-nuke activists. If there’s no place to remove waste to, it will be that much easier to stop nuclear power plants. My prediction: we won’t see another coal or nuclear power plant built in my lifetime and I’d be surprised if I even see one powered by natural gas. The goal of these people is to destroy modern civilization and for some some strange reason, we seem to have decided to join them in a collective suicide.


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6 responses to “Obama – no coal, no nukes, it’s propeller beanies for all!

  1. Tin Foil

    Yes, the Obama energy plan consists of unproven technology and sticking ones head in the sand. This guy is a serious eff-up. We need to build more nuclear plants, drill in tandem with the development of new and renewable energy sources.

    Just what we need, a neophyte, know-it-all jackass to run our country into the ground. We don’t have time for Obama’s on the job training. I’m proud to say I voted for McCain.

  2. McMartin

    The strangest thing about the new Administration is it seems to look take the worst problems(borrowing & energy) from the Bush administration and multiply the problem(s). If Bush was dumb then what is the current administration?

  3. edgewater

    The dirty little secret about the environmental movement and the global warmists is that the leaders are almost universally rich and predominantly with inherited wealth. Thus, these folks want to keep their view of the water or the meadows, with no pipelines or smokestacks, just like it was when grandpa made all the family money. Having lots of money, they’re also not concerned that solar power costs four times as much as conventional power. But, don’t build the solar array [or wind generators] where they can see it. If the environmentalists prevail, we WILL have class warfare, for there’s no way we can accomodate the aspirations of the poor here or abroad without reasonable energy costs.

  4. Cos Cobber

    So where are the 50+ nuclear plants going to ship their waste when they run out of space…. From what I read, most are at capacity and need to start shipping soon.

    I swear, if yucca mtn was never built, i guarantee the stimulus bill would have included $ for a yucca mtn type project and they would have campaigned on the irresponsibility of prior administrations not to build such a facility.

  5. anony-moose

    Hopefully Obama will keep away from the plans to restart nuclear fuel reprocessing. That would help things along nicely.

    Ultimately, the future energy picture will require a whole suite of energy sources to feed us: everything from nuclear to coal (yuck) and renewables. Ideally I’d like to find ways to reduce coal use; that stuff pumps more pollutants and radiation into our atmosphere than almost anything. I’d rather live a half mile from a nuclear plant than five miles downwind of a major coal facility. Increased nuclear power is an excellent standby in every way except cost (can’t beat the price of coal in this country). Besides, the new reactor designs are one or two orders of magnitude safer than the traditional ones.

  6. pulled up in OG

    anony-moose – Don’t forget 5 miles downstream from a coal plant too . . . ash/sludge ponds.

    Remember the good old days in Cos Cob and Riverside? All the fallout from the power plant.