The Media and soldiers’ corpses

Defense Secretary bowed to his new boss’s pressure and this week modified the Pentagon’s ban on photographing the coffins of soldiers brought back to our country. The New York Times and other scum trumpeted this as a triumph of their desire to “honor our fallen heroes” when of course their intention was to exploit the dead, not honor them. The press wanted to use the pictures to stir up public sentiment against the Iraq war when Bush was running it. Today, the show “On the Media” aired an interview with some guy from Salon who said exactly that. Good for him – he’s the only honest man among the entire swarm of liars.

My prediction: we’ll get coverage of the first bodies to arrive, complete with the standard denunciation of Bush (and Cheney – lest we forget Cheney) and that’s it. It was always about Bush, nothing more. It’s Obama’s war now and there is no longer any need to oppose it.


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5 responses to “The Media and soldiers’ corpses

  1. Old Coot

    Chris, you nailed it. The left and their MSM-bots will do anything, no matter how despicable, to defame Mr. Bush.

  2. This is not about dishonoring the president.
    This is an acknowledgement of the thousands of soldiers have come home this way.

    • christopherfountain

      I hope you’re right, Betty, but we’ll see. I stand by my prediction that after a few airings of the “dignified transfer process” we won’t see national press coverage again, barring a huge catastophe. I refer you to coverage of the Space Shuttle.

  3. PrimeTimeMom

    With all due respect Old Coot, the left does not even have to raise a pinky to defame W. He managed to defame himself for all time all on his own.

  4. While receiving a dose of criticism from progressives for his Iraq policy, the new president should nonetheless get some kudos for his unilateral troop withdrawal from another devastated, corrupt, seemingly ungovernable region that occurred this morning, albeit with little fanfare.

    Yes, like Iraq, President Obama had the resolve not to abandon New Orleans, or worse yet, go with the original Biden plan of partitioning the city into autonomous enclaves run by Crips, Fortunetellers, Latin Kings, Vampires, Bloods, Goths, and cajuns. Had the new President simply acquiesced to political pragmatism, the Big Easy almost certainly would not have healed to once again shine as the gem of the deep south. . .