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No Lead left behind

Overlawyered.com has an entire site dedicated to coverage of the new law *banning lead in every conceivable child item. Can’t find hand made toys anymore? Nothing in the local consignment shops? Thank Congress, PIRG and all the usual suspects for putting small businesses out of business – it’s for the sake of the children, don’t you know.

*CPSIA Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act . It’s nothing of the kind, naturally

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More on Kitchens

Ha! A reader questioned whether there was anything unnecessary in a Christopher Peacock kitchen so I did a little Googling and came up with this New York Times article on the man. I think his kitchens are beautiful so don’t think I’m criticizing the man. He can do that  ( or his clients’ demands) for himself!

Mr. Peacock likes to say that the best kitchen is a Manhattan galley kitchen, and said he spends a lot of time telling clients “that they aren’t who they think they are.” “They’re not going to be having huge dinner parties, with caterers using a pantry as a staging area every weekend.” His first act is often to cut 25 percent of the space out of new home kitchens.

A Designer’s Punch List

Here are 10 items Christopher Peacock said clients have asked for but don’t often use, and 10 items they don’t think to ask for, but should consider.


Pot-filling faucet

Pantry dishwasher

or refrigerator

Kitchen desk

Trash compactor

Large microwave

Rangetop grill

Two-tier island countertops

Large island

Appliance garage


Refrigerator and freezer drawers

Two dishwashers

Warming drawers

Small microwave


Tray storage

Roll-out drawers

Message center

Marble countertops

Wood countertops


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Median Price of House in Detroit is $7,500.

Old Coot sent this link. That’s not a typo, $7,500 is the right figure. 

I think we’ll continue to do better here.


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A question about spaghetti taps


Christopher Peacock Kitchen

Christopher Peacock Kitchen

Or whatever one calls that faucet perched over the range of all proper kitchens these days. I assume it’s there to fill pots of spaghetti water, thus freeing the Little Woman from the drudgery and toil of directing her cook to fill the pot at the sink and lug it to the stove. But what happens when the spaghetti is cooked? Doesn’t that same pot now have to be drained? Does the water weigh less on its return trip to the sink?

Just wondering.


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If you trust the New York Times as far as you can throw a snow shovel…

This just in (3:50 PM) we’re supposed to get a foot or more of snow tonight. Sooeee! I do love snow storms. If I’m grumpy tomorrow, you’ll know that the storm went out to sea and passed us by.

This part of the forecast sounds accurate enough:

“A foot of snow is significant and will cause significant travel problems late tonight and into tomorrow morning,” said Michael Silva, a meterologist with the National Weather Service in Upton, N.Y.


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Global Warming and snow storms

A reader quite rightly objects to my pretending to link the story of a snow storm heading for D.C. as proof that there is no global warming. I am being silly of course when I do so but no sillier that our Warmer in Chief, Al Gore, who has blamed all ephemeral natural events on global warming, from

Myamar cyclones

Hurricane Katrina

20′ sea elevation rise 


Earthquakes, floods and even the melting of the Snows of Kilamanjero 

Here’s the thing: when, in their earnest hope of persuading people of the merits of a certain course of action, the Al Gores of the left (and the Chris Fountains of the right) have a tendency to over-state their case in order to make a point. That’s useful in satire but if you’re a fat, pompous hypocrite jetting around the globe in your private plane, tooling around on a 100′ houseboat or living in a residence that uses eleven times the electricity of the average Tennessee home, skeptics will use your hysterical rants against you and discount everything you say. Is there global warming occurring? I’d say the jury’s still out. If it is occurring, is it caused by man? The jury hasn’t even begun to deliberate on that one. Gore trying to cut off all argument by declaring that “the debate is over” doesn’t strengthen his argument, it weakens it, because how strong can a theory be if its proponents want to stifle all questions? Enjoy your storm, Al, and keep your shovel dry.

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Is it humane to write off an entire continent?

Well, billions of dollars of aid to Africa has done nothing but enrich corrupt politicians and leave the people worse off than before. Now even Kenya is shuttling toward the same misery that befell Rhodesia, Nigeria, and the rest. Same problems, as always: corruption and tribal enmities. So how much worse could it get if we pulled back and left the people to sort things out for themselves? At least we wouldn’t be propping up dictators and enabling them to grind their fellow citizens into the dirt.


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