Pelosi misses global warming rally when her private jet is delayed by snow

I do believe that headline says it all. Interesting that the old fraud’s own office wouldn’t confirm what sort of flight – commercial or private – she was on. Not only does the lady fly private every week back and forth across the country, she insisted on an even bigger jet when she assumed leadership of the House. I’ll go find that link now.

Update: Snopes says it’s not true that she requested a larger jet, only that she wanted a jet that could fly non-stop cross country. Whatever, it does make clear that Miss Green flies a private jet specifically reserved for her use – she’s not flying commercial. Who do you think she is, some auto executive?

Update II: here’s what the lady missed: A protest at the Capital’s own coal-burning power plant. And for those readers miffed at me for using a snowstorm as proof that there is no global warming, these idiots are still insisting that snow storms are caused by the same phenomenon.

The protest on energy and climate comes as Washington digs out from its largest snowfall of the season. Organizers note that climate change causes more extreme weather, and they say the issue is important enough that people are willing to brave the cold.


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10 responses to “Pelosi misses global warming rally when her private jet is delayed by snow

  1. Cobra

    I’m surprised that she needs a jet or any fossil-fueled conveyance, for that matter.

    I assumed that her broom would be capable of getting her to the land of fruits and nuts and back to DC non-stop.

    Or, that she hit the turbo button on the ejection seat on which she was sitting during last week’s Obummer speech and it propelled her into orbit, only to land on the roof of a leather bar in the Eigth District

  2. anonymous

    IIRC, she requested (and obtained) a G4 or such (sort of like a 3 yr-old Mercedes S550)…it ain’t no new G550 or 7X (akin to a new S65)

    Government has many large private planes in fleet for the various clowns to use….Gulfstream is part of one of the defense contractors, after all

    Always amusing that politicians, after flying on some older, poorly-finished private plane (w/inedible grub provided by military commissaries), need to be driven around in some crappy US-engineered/built sedan/SUV….how appropriate for life of dignified beggars

  3. CEA

    All these guys are the same “be environmentally aware! Pay your taxes and do your share or we’ll send the IRS after you!”

    Meanwhile, they’re doing “fact finding” trips thanks to Allen Stanford (and calling off the SEC investigative watchdogs); flying private, and not paying taxes.

    All of them are divorced from reality, no matter the party.

  4. Wally

    How can we get this story more widely circulated? It is absolutely the height of hipocracy for the leader of the democratic party to fly private, at taxpayer expense, every weekend. How can this possibly be justified? Stimulus perhaps (after all, isn’t all spending?)

    The fact that she missed a global warming rally because her private jet could not make it in is just too rich for words.

  5. anonymous

    Well, the media is obviously G550 socialist as well (same stuff…private planes, rental hotties, interesting tax loopholes, etc)…and both industries (politics and media/entertainment) earn their keep from people in ghetto and trailer park land (“hard working” Americans of course)…who else watches TV or movies…or votes?

  6. James O'Boston

    I don’t have a problem with that. The organization she represents is on one side of the country, and the office she has to go to, to represent it, is on the other side. Seems like a reasonable price to pay, if things were working properly in government. unfortunately, even when they aren’t, it’s probably better to at least set up conditions so there’s a chance of things going right for a change.

  7. Wally

    CF – Did you see this article?

    It seems that even though we may have a “temporary” flat or cooling trend for, oh, say 30 years, we are still causing planetary warming with man made greenhouse gases, which will “aggressively” kick in after said 30 year period (thus of course we need to stay the course with gutting the economies of industrialized nations.)

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