Bumper sticker of the era

A friend of mine designed and sent this to me. I want to check with him to see if he wants credit or would prefer to keep the liberal Greenwich crowd as customers.



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26 responses to “Bumper sticker of the era

  1. anonymous

    Part of my “jobs for commies” stimulus package….will pay some unemployed liberal arts college grad (who worked tirelessly on Hussein campaign but evidently not on gaining an employment-relevant education) to slap these stickers on Prius or hybrids….or any cars or SUVs with Hussein stickers

  2. greenmtnpunter

    Personally, I would like a revision of the McGovern bumper stickers in MA after the 72 campaign which said : Don’t Blame Us We Voted For McGovern.

    2009 Bumper Sticker Update: “Don’t Blame Us, We Voted McPalin.” This would go very nicely on a bumper sticker

  3. Old Coot

    Wear one of those here in Northern California and you’d need a new paint job at least once a week. OTOH, it would be a cool prank to do what anonymous suggested above.

  4. Anonymous

    You guys are a bunch of right wing, anti-American Nazis….

    There is nothing American about you and your kind. You don’t share our values or our hope for this beloved country.

    You attempt to hide your bigotry, sexism, racism and class elitism behind pseudo patriotic mumbo jumbo. No one is buying your bullshit, thus the 26% approval rating for the Republican congress (WSJ/NBC Poll – 3/4/06). Only the die hard far right wing nuts (“the base”) approve of the current Republican agenda and the treasonous wish for Obama’s (i.e., America’s) failure. Thank God idiots like Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin are not running this country and the likes of you are in the solid minority.

    BTW – I’m a Republican. I’m just not a bone head that puts party before country.

  5. rosy-o

    where can i get one?

    • christopherfountain

      I’ll ask my friend, Rosie. Or perhaps Anonymous is already printing some up.

  6. MSL


    Die hard right wing Nazi un-American sexist racist elitist wingnut pseudo patriotic treasonous Limbaugh Palin humpin bigot idiot.

    Has a nice ring to it but will it fit on a bumper sticker.

  7. Anonymous, who was the last Republican you voted for, Nelson Rockefeller? John Lindsay? John Anderson, perhaps?

  8. pulled up in OG

    Best bumper sticker was back in the early ’70s when we were trying to get out of Vietnam . . .

    “Nixon’s father should’ve pulled out!”

    • christopherfountain

      OG, I had one back then saying “Nuke the Whales”, which I thought was pretty good until a friend of mine from Oklahoma pointed out that I could offend more food groups if I had one that said, “Nuke the Gay Whales for Jesus”.

  9. Cobra

    Anonymous certainly is testy today–must have put his panties on backwards this morning.

    At the rate Obummer and his tax-evading cronies are working their “porkulus magic” on our economy, those sharing our political leanings will become the “solid majority” before long.

  10. Anonymous

    If you’re a Republican, your IQ is below 80 and your family tree has but one branch, then yes, you’re a right wing Nazis!

    Sorry Chris. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, guess what?

    IMHO, the Republican far right are zealot ideologues with an extremely dangerous and narrow view of the world. They are destroying the Republican party. The sooner we cut them loose the sooner the GOP will be meaningful again in national politics. No one wants to live under Socialist rule but Nazi rule is not the answer either.

    • christopherfountain

      Well the martini-republican crowd agreed with you, Anonymous, and put nice, unprincipled moderate Republicans into the eastern states. The voters tossed every one of them out, Chris Shays being the last hold out, because you can’t out Democrat a Democrat. And while I share your concern that Obama and his proposed socialist/communist state smacks of Naziism, I don’t think bringing back Shays is the answer. Free markets and limited government, where no one is coerced to work for the state or for its privileged favorites is the best way to fight state=sponsored slavery. I welcome your support – where shall I send your bumper sticker?

  11. SizeBuyer


    that’s about a 12 on the old tension scale…settle down

  12. anonanon

    I support the artists, and your, right to promulgate divisive and disturbing images….

    And I’m certain you will support my right to respond – “small-minded and in very poor taste – (especially for a boy raised in Riverside?)

    • christopherfountain

      If you consider the hammer and sickle a disturbing image then right on! We agree on something.

  13. CEA

    Front page of today’s WSJ: 41% of people approve of Obama’s economic package.

    You know what that means…the majority of people do NOT.

    Which means, I guess, that the majority of people are racist… and that there are a lot of Obama voters who now regret it.

  14. Anonymous

    where can we get the stickers?
    i would get one just to watch folks like “anonymous of the 4:58 p.m. comments” pop a blood vessel.

    do people like ‘anonymous 4:58’ understand that ‘Nazi’ is an abbreviation for ‘national socialism?’ isn’t President Barry Soetoro espousing national socialism? isn’t that what folks like ‘anonymous 4:58′ voted for?

    on another note, had to share the following quote about the Obama bin Lyin’ economic policies, from John Galt of Shenandoah:
    “I don’t mean to put any pressure on the President Messiah but he had best start delivering or he will be known as the “one” and by that I mean “the one who took over the Titanic, circled back and hit the iceberg again.” Not something you would desire on a resume nor in a history book.”

    seriously, let’s get some of those stickers printed up and do some taggin’.

  15. Anonymous

    26% approval rating for the Republican congress (WSJ/NBC Poll – 3/4/09). Out this morning.

    • christopherfountain

      Sp that’s up 8% from the Democrat Congress (and when did the Republicans take back the House? That’s great news!) last year. What’s going on, do you suppose?

  16. Anonymous

    The GOP leadership has no new ideas or solutions on how to address the country’s modern day challenges. All we ever do is engage in the same name calling and demonization of the other side. You call that a platform? Are we children? Then we wonder why the country has turned against us and why the Dems cleaned our clocks the last 4 years. The mindless political rhetoric on this site is a prime example of all that ills the GOP. Shameful.

  17. Anonymous

    “Well the martini-republican crowd agreed with you, Anonymous, and put nice, unprincipled moderate Republicans into the eastern states. The voters tossed every one of them out, Chris Shays being the last hold out, because you can’t out Democrat a Democrat. ”

    No Chris! Moderate Republicans got booted because they were lumped in with the right wing nut bags of the religious and conservative extreme. Bush and the Republican congress of 2000-2006 did more to cripple the GOP in every part of the country but the increasingly less significant south! Why? Because we’ve shown ourselves to be a party of hypocrites! We decry big gov’t, big spending Dems and then we turn around and out Dem the Dems! We spent money like drunken sailors, lost our moral standing and out porked every Congress in American history! The poorest states in the country are Republican states and every damn federal budget is laced with Republican earmarks! Check this year. Mississippi (R) – $400mm! Are you kidding me? The nation is watching and we’re being called a party of liars, hypocrites and con men! A party rule by corporations, lobbyists and the special interest!

    You know what the rest of the country increasingly thinks about us Republican? That we care about nothing other than ourselves and our wallets. Damn the country! Damn poverty! Damn inequality! Damn education! Damn the environment! Damn healthcare! Damn energy independence! Damn the young! Damn the old! Damn minorities! Damn immigrants! Damn our cities! Damn the rest of the world! The party of damn, damn, damn and no, no, no!

    It’s gotten to the point that being a Republican is a badge of dishonor! To this end, we only have ourselves to blame. We’ve become a joke! We’ve become a comical caricature! The entire world spits in our face and laughs behind our backs! Why? Because we’ve allowed a vocal and out of touch minority to hijack our identity!

    We must stop this nonsense and stand once again for solid conservative values of smaller gov’t, lower taxes, free markets, free trade, strong military and religious freedom. We must be consistent! Lastly, we must offer IDEAS! SMART IDEAS!! Stop with the one liners and catch all phrases! Stop with the childish name callings and demonizations! We are all Americans! However, we differ fundamentally with the LEFT and we will beat them with our IDEAS! It’s the only way!

  18. Anonymous

    Did you close comments? Or are you only posting comments that you agree with?

  19. SizeBuyer


    take a look at the link below maybe this can be its own post. Is the silver lining starting to turn? Are people regretting the messiah? Buyer’s remorse anyone?????????????????????

    the story is “Robin Hood”