Chris Dodd loves Bernie

Oh my – it turns out that Bernie Madoff and Ruthie forked over $300,000 of stolen money to the Democrats and, of course, those with their paws out included Chris Dodd, Charles Rangle and Chuck Schumer. That this doesn’t surprise me is a rather sad commentary on Dodd and the company he keeps, but I wonder whether he’ll be returning any of the loot to Madoff’s victims? About as likely as his thatched roof on that illicit cottage in Ireland suddenly getting up and dancing, I’d say.


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10 responses to “Chris Dodd loves Bernie

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  2. readerer

    Madoff was bribing all of official Washington.

    How do you think a former head of the Nasdaq was able to run a Ponzi scheme for 30 years – and even be investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and yet get a clean bill of health?

    All of official Washington was in on it.

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  4. I believe we need a term richer than corruption. The Senators from Connecticut traditionally represented the insurance industry, the original organized crime in America. As finance became more elaborate and Wall Street enlarged other Senators joined in the task of representing the monied interest. What is most interesting about Dodd is how openly he took crumbs. I do not see Barney Frank or Chuck Schumer who are each egregious in their own ways being petty grifters in this fashion. Cannot even call them corrupt, just narrow minded and tyrannical, their limited intelligence overwhelmed by events too large for them to comprehend. Makes them the same as Rubin, Summers, Geithner, the whole crowd driving this bus over the cliff. Dodd is all of that, plus he is a petty thief like many others in Congress and numerous state legislatures. We should be heating up the tar and shaking out the pillows.

  5. PrimeTimeMom

    Walt loved Bernie too and Walt is a Republican. I think it’s time to stop the blame and start working together for a better tomorrow. It cant hurt to try and could possibly be our way out of this mess. Can we just give it a try?

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  7. amr

    Now all we have to is find that they pushed the SEC to lay off of Madoff and we might get some consequences for a change. The FBI should be investigating this, since we have seen this type of political pressure before as in the Savings and Loan scandal.

  8. this post gives me a thrill running up my leg 😛

  9. OMG, and these guys are working with our “change” president?

    This is getting too good.