I’m not on the list, alas

The Wall Street Journal’s figured out Merrill’s big bonus babies. Is your neighbor on the list? Are you? If you are, feel free to call me and let’s go shopping!


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4 responses to “I’m not on the list, alas

  1. anonymous

    >$10MM/yr is a respectable threshold, esp in a challenging yr like ’08, for guys who are fairly recession resistant

    Perhaps <3K guys in NYC region…hedgies, private equity and IBers…are part of this elite, rather youthful group (Greenwich billionaires like Paul, Eddie and Stevie were kids in this frat some 20yrs ago)

    Some large fraction already own a primary home; some are young guys who rent a condo in Manhattan and will continue to rent for several yrs as they watch the meltdown and evaluate choices

    The ideal group any good Greenwich realtor should identify are those w/young kids who are seriously contemplating Greenwich vs Manhattan as they plan purchase (or build) of a new, larger family home

    Would guess such savvy (and capable) prospective buyers would most appreciate your refreshingly direct approach, CF….good luck tracking ’em down….they’re not hard to find amidst the sea of unemployed/distressed sellers and inept, insecure buyers

  2. broke..er

    us peons can’t read the wsj links without “subscribing”.

  3. Cos Cobber

    oh yeah, who doesn’t love a cold call from a real estate broker…from greenwich of all places.

    ps – chris you do a spectacular job, i’m just saying that cold calls stink, references are the way to go.

    • christopherfountain

      Cos Cobber, I agree completely. Cold calls and (don’t tell Bill Raveis) dumb postcards from agents. At least you can toss the postcards into the recyling bin and be done with them. But in fairness, considering the cold calls I used to receive from boiler room crooks (they always hung up when I’d snarl, “I hunt you guys for a living”, it would only balance things out if I were to start calling some Merrill guys, don’t youthink?