Maybe they’ve merged with Realogy!

(from an anonymous reader)

As an Antares watcher, I thought you would be interested in this;
I noticed today that Antares’ website is down. Technical issue or something more?Hmmmmm. I also tried to call their phone numbers and they are disconnected. The reason I was checking is they owe my company money.
Thanks and keep up the good work!

Update: Web site doesn’t work for me, either. Try it yourself:


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6 responses to “Maybe they’ve merged with Realogy!

  1. Oh, boy, looks like that’s it. How have the mighty fallen. Or in this case, apparently, just run away…

  2. Jack Martin

    I guess the decades to come are not coming.

    I love their web site blurb.

    Progressive. Innovative. Entrepreneurial.

    These are the dynamic traits of the highly experienced, talented, and passionate Antares team.

    Bringing its culture and vision to real estate acquisitions, private equity, finance, design, development, marketing, sales, and leasing, Antares is fully focused on the development of environmentally sensible and inspired projects that produce significant investor returns while retaining and growing market appeal and community value for decades to come.

  3. Anonymous

    FYI: The Antares site is back online.

  4. Guinevere

    The phones work, the website is up, they are still in business. Moving consistently along, they have positioned themselves for rough times like these.

  5. anonymous

    They are essentially closed. Fired most of their people Thursday afternoon – Happy Easter to you too “boys”.

  6. Leasee

    Does anyone know who have taken over the properties???? I can’t get a hold of anyone.