Hey, it’s not that bad.

Citigroup may have fallen from $55 to ninety-seven cents a share, but it’s still just barely smaller than Malaysia’s Bumiputra-Commerce Holdings Bhd and Turkey’s Akbank TAS.

Personally, I was bored with seeing “Shea Stadium” blaring out whenever I drove to the airports and I think a “Bumiputra-Commerce Holdings Stadium” sign will be an improvement, if the stadium walls are large enough to accommodate the name.


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3 responses to “Hey, it’s not that bad.

  1. anonymous

    Will be interesting to see by how much discretionary industries like sports, entertainment, retailing, travel, etc shrink over next 3-5 yrs…and by how much pay and endorsement deals for entertainers decrease

    Truly astonishing that numerous illiterate/innumerate sports players or talk show hosts or other entertainers can become centimillionaires or billionaires….makes even some of the dumb money in finance seem rather intelligent and “well-deserved”

  2. Anonymous, at least those “illiterate/innumerate sports players” are reasonably good at what they do. As Babe Ruth replied to the reporter who pointed out he was paid more than president Hoover: “I had a better year.”

  3. Uncle ugly

    I understand it’s being renamed ” I can’t
    Believe it’s not butter field”.