What’s this supposed to mean?

The builder of a proposed house at 20 Langhorne Lane has dropped his price again, this time from $10.998 million to $9.998. Original price was $14.998 million, so I guess it shows progress, but is the builder still planning on building the 17,500 square foot (4,500 of which would be basement) monstrosity that no one wanted at $15 million? If so, why? And would corners be cut to reflect the $5,000,000 price drop or is this an indication of how much the builder had hoped to skin off a buyer? Neither choice inspires confidence.

This land is also for sale, by the way, for somewhere in the 2’s. Like 38 Langhorne, these parcels sold for around $2 and were put back up for sale at $4 million. No one bit, surprisingly. If I were interested in either parcel (and 38 looks quite nice) I think I’d negotiate as low as price as I could for the land and design the house to go on it anew.


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2 responses to “What’s this supposed to mean?

  1. SizeBuyer

    it means many buyers during the hype overpaid by A LOT. However, can you blame the buyers? I mean THEY JUST HAD TO HAVE THAT HOUSE.

    AND THEY GOT IT ALRIGHT!!!!! STRAIGHT UP THE well you can fill in the blank.

    Oh and they also have options that are out of the money. geniuses!

  2. This house had a huge underground heating oil tank which leaked into the ground under the house. The people who bought the house tore down about half of it and it has been sitting there for months just like that. It’s an environmental nightmare. Let the buyer beware.