Catholic priests again free to plunder assets, kidnap children and burn cats at the stake

The Connecticut Judiciary Committee, astounded to learn that its proposal to regulate the internal affairs of a church might be a tad unconstitutional, has yanked the bill from consideration for this legislative session. “Well golllll lee” said Grand Duke  Andrew McDonald (“No “a” before the “c”, boy, it’s Scots – get that right”) and the bill’s sponsor, “I just don’t see what all the fuss is about – going after godless Catholics is an old Nutmeg tradition, as old as the arrival of the first of those filthy potato pickers, as fresh as the latest bog wallower to come here looking for work. Sheesh, can’t a fella have a little fun anymore?” McDonald has referred the whole question to the state’s Attorney General and until that official returns with a decision, promises to devote his time to banning guns, the private ownership of chimpanzees and forcing citizens to sweep the snow off the roof of their cars. “Hey,” he notes, “we got some serious problems to attend to this year, understand?”


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5 responses to “Catholic priests again free to plunder assets, kidnap children and burn cats at the stake

  1. Anonymous

    Actually, its Mac that is Scottish. Mc (no “a”) is Irish.

    • christopherfountain

      Ah, sure, and no wonder the poor man’s confused. It’s confession he should be off to then, eh?

  2. Anonymous

    Your headline and comments, though meant to be tongue in cheek continues to support nasty anti-Catholic, anti-Irish sentiments. Seems like you would refrain from a remark about African Americans or Jews…not wishing to appear racist or anti-Semitic. So, why must you take a shot at Catholics/Irish? Doesn’t seem to have any relevance to real estate anyway. I hope you apologize.

    • christopherfountain

      uh, Anonymous? I refer you to my favorite Irish author, Jonathan Swift and his “A Modest Proposal”. Go read that and come on back – then let’s talk.

  3. pulled up in OG

    So are they McMansions or MickMansions?