Did she do any worse than Walter?

Deal Breaker reports on Stanford’s CEO – kind of reminds me of Oola (?) the secretary hired by Zero Mostel in The Producers.

It seems Reuters would have us believe the firm’s CIO, Laura Pendergest-Holt was hired to keep her head down and her mouth shut, and not to say “Hey wait a second,” as she assumed the position with “no business school degree, no internship at a Wall Street firm or stint as an analyst at a mutual fund company managing billions of dollars.” Lawrence Lieberman, senior managing director at Orion Group, is apparently convinced, commenting that “From what it sounds like here, this company may not have wanted a legitimate CIO because that person might have asked a lot more questions and not played ball,” and you might be too, but you sheeple are wrong.

In one instance the regulators asked her about her role in preparing the Stanford International Bank quarterly report. She replied it was her job to edit the report, checking the report’s pie charts “to make sure they equal 100.”

You got a problem with that? The girl was smart!


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3 responses to “Did she do any worse than Walter?

  1. I hear she didn’t even have to use a calculator.

    • christopherfountain

      I suppose that if she used the binary system she could just look down at her sweater …

  2. Walt

    This little filly has a future at FGG. Off to Happy Hour!!!
    Your Pal,