February 2009 sales from John Cooke

February Sales 2009

February Sales 2009


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5 responses to “February 2009 sales from John Cooke

  1. Towny

    its smoke and mirrors to begin with as ranges from 2-3 M are too large. increasing the increments at 500K would give a more clearer picture.

  2. kidding really?

    At least some houses sold….

  3. xyzzy

    is that in February or up to February? I only ask because I was looking at the high end Data and it has one $10,000,000 home selling, and that kind of looks like 16 Highgate Road which I believe was a January close. (Atleast acording to Raveis housing Data).

    Was there another 10 million sale?

    • christopherfountain

      Xyzzy, I’ll have to check John’s data because you’re right – the only $10 million sale was Highgate Rd, waterfront in Riverside, and that was in January (I think)

  4. xyzzy

    The Raveis site says its January and you mentioned it in your blog on January 14th.