Price Cuts

7 Orhard Drive

7 Orchard Drive

Purchased for $3.780 million in September ’04, relisted at $4.895 in May, ’06, this Milbrook house is now marked down to $2.999. Short sale? I guess not, since the listing doesn’t mention it.


52 Pecksland Road

52 Pecksland Road

The sellers of this home paid $3.495 million for it in November ’05 (full asking price) and tried selling it for $3.995 in September ’08. Today it’s down to $2.950 million.


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3 responses to “Price Cuts

  1. anonymous

    S&P is at, what, ’96 levels?

    RE won’t trade for much more than equities, esp as a more illiquid, credit-dependent asset than equities

    Asset deflation spares no asset

  2. xyzzy

    I think you talked about Orchard street before, it has been empty for over a year. Looks more like an estate sale, but I could be completely wrong.

    That place has a strange history, it was off the market for a few months and a demolition sign was up. Then the sign came down, the house stayed up, and it came back on the market.

    At one time the owners were listing the land as two building lots, but I am not sure they are doing that anymore.

  3. It's mine!

    I want my old rental house back! I’d give anything for my life here in the late 1980″s back again.

    Corina & Andres Piedrahita (you know, Walter Noel’s oldest daughter and son-in-law)