There’ll always be an England


Lining up for fish and chips

Lining up for fish and chips

Muslims greet homecoming British troops, call them “Murderers” and “Baby Killers”.


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3 responses to “There’ll always be an England

  1. Blind Brook

    Muslim extremists from the south and IRA to the north. Time to step into that fray, don’t you think, Chris? We saved England about this time 70 years ago or so. Least we could do for well cut clothes. Of course Obama just gave Gordon Brown a bunch of old screeners as a state gift….

  2. Anonymous

    The US would be well advised to withdraw from the visa waiver program. These patriots are British Citizens, able to travel to the US without visa.

  3. Lorin

    maybe the ladies have ATDTOD…..addled thinking due to oxygen deprivation…..