Bernie Hung Tough

Bloomberg reports that the Fed’s plea deal with Madoff when Bernie refused to plead to a conspiracy with his cohorts. That’s interesting: the guy stole from widows, orphans and Elie Wiesel, so who wouldn’t he screw? My guess is wife Ruth and the boys, which makes their protestations of innocence even more suspect than before, if that’s possible.


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2 responses to “Bernie Hung Tough

  1. Walt

    Do you really think the Wizard of Wall Street is going to share any credit? Come ON. He was the genius and did it alone.
    Late for Happy Hour!!!
    Your Buddy,

  2. pulled up in OG

    Watch out Walt! The Ace of Spades is goin’ down, Joker can’t be far behind. And ya might need a lawyer with a powdered wig (horse hair?) too: