Bloomberg discovers that Greenwich spec houses are in trouble

(Sigh) – spend an hour on the phone with a reporter and see it condensed to one snippet and one misidentification. Of well. Here’s the story.


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3 responses to “Bloomberg discovers that Greenwich spec houses are in trouble

  1. InfoDiva

    That’s quite a niche you have there–short sale specialist to the over $5 million set?

    • christopherfountain

      Taht’s the misidentification part I complained about, Diva, but it’s true I have a couple of deals perking along those lines.

  2. Peg

    Chris, in the early ’80’s, during my first years in real estate, I was interviewed on TV to ask how the market was. I thought to myself: “It’s TAPED! How can I be misrepresented?”

    I found out.

    They asked me how people were able to purchase homes with 18% mortgage rates. I said, “It’s tougher putting deals together today, but we’re doing in these various ways.” And then I told her how, explaining that plenty of folks were buying and selling. When I watched the newscast, there I saw myself saying “It’s tougher putting deals together today.” PERIOD – end of story.

    Those who think news cannot be manipulated are fooling themselves!