Houses of interest

17 Ronald Lane

17 Ronald Lane

This was an attractive house some years ago when it sold (direct) for $590,000. The new owners put in a new kitchen and baths, redid the floors and all that and put it back up for sale in April ’07 for $1.395, which turned out to be too much. It’s back today at $995 and while that may still not be the right price in today’s market, it’s a pretty good one, for an updated house, with pool, on a quiet dead end street. Worth watching and even bidding on if you’re in the under million bracket.

8 Beechcroft
8 Beechcroft

This one will be interesting to watch. This house, built in 1999, was listed for $4.595 million in 2004 and sold for a million less, $3.6 million. Dumb price that first time, eh? In any event, the new owners have spruced it up, renovated and added a bit of new space and have now put it up for sale at $4.895, just about what it didn’t sell for before. Will the improvements outweigh what’s happened to the market in the past couple of years? Stay tuned and find out.


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2 responses to “Houses of interest

  1. Red

    It seems there’s a lot of similar inventory for sale in that general price range in that neighborhood (Grahampton, Beechcroft, Parsonage, Husted). Not sure this house is more special than the others….do keep us posted!

  2. CEA

    I know the Beechcroft house. we looked at it and considered buying it in 2004. But – it has no backyard, and in fact you look directly into Dr.Antell-on-Parsonage’s yard. 0 privacy.

    Whatever space they “added” certainly doesn’t show from the front of the house. I am surprised to hear anything was done. All we saw was the paint change from yellow to white and some very minor landscaping.

    3-handle for this one.