A reader has complained that I ignore houses in Riverside (!) He’s a regular commentator so I know he reads this blog – I can’t imagine how he’s missed all I’ve written about Riverside. If anything, I write too often about houses here. I know that I wrote just recently about 26 Marks Rd, now priced way below what the seller paid for it and still looking for a buyer. As a creek neighbor of this one I’m naturally rooting for a high price but so far, no luck. Nice house,too with creek frontage and good views. Further down that same road on the corner of Marks and Riverside Avenue is a renovated Dutch Colonial (or Georgian – everything’s a Georgian these days) originally priced at a shed over three million, now in the high 2s. Good location, good house. 30 Owenoke, the Nokia-owned house, recently went to contract – its last asking price was something like $2.6, below what the seller paid for it a few years ago. There’s a nice house down on Wesskum Wood near the Owenoke intersection that was added on to, renovated and been on and off the market the past few years. It’s on again now and, although I forget the price, it didn’t strike me as unreasonable. Again, a good location and a good-looking house. I’ll dig up its price tomorrow.

If I haven’t mentioned a number of Riverside houses recently it’s probably because I thought they were too over-priced to mention without embarrassing their owners. There is one on Welwyn, which I did write about, that came on at $3.6 million (I think). Nice house but I thought that was high for this market yet it drew an acceptable offer the first weekend it was on. Those buyers didn’t last for reasons that had nothing to do with the price or the house, but it was a sign of life. I mentioned 264 Riverside Avenue (or a number close to that) purchased for $3.850 in August ’07 and back on for what they paid. I said then that I’d be curious to see whether they could get that price or whether the market had dropped. I’m still curious, because it’s still for sale.

And so on. Point being, I don’t ignore Riverside. We’re just not seeing much new inventory and, like the rest of the town, very little action in the old. Stay tuned.


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8 responses to “Riverside

  1. RivFan


    Are you familiar with Winthrop Drive? Beautiful neighborhood with several recent renovations and a couple new nice houses currently under construction. Do you know if any of them are spec?

  2. pulled up in OG

    Hell, the flood plain down in Willowmere came up just last week. 🙂

  3. Stanwich

    Um, no, you don’t ignore Riverside or OG for that matter. I think you are the unofficial spokesman for these zip codes.

  4. Anonymous

    The two new houses on Winthrop are owner construction and not spec.

  5. anonymous

    Well at least Greenwich isn’t shooting their realtors yet!


  6. RivFan

    Thanks for the info. One of them paid 2.3M for the land last year, so I was thinking that he could be a constructor that could potentially face trouble.