Waterfront power plant playground turned down by P&Z

Jobs for our kids!

Jobs for our kids!

Citing concerns over overhead power lines and toxic residues the Greenwich P&Z turned down the town’s plan for converting the old New Haven RR power plant site into an oceanfront park and ship breaking yard last night. Cos Cob resident Frank Farriker was outraged: “This was the perfect opportunity to provide a living for Cos Cob kids,” Farricker fumed. “They could have played soccer on the rubber toxin field and then done a little night work, scrapping ships. I did hear some whining from some nervous mommies but Hell, the little darlin’s would glow in the dark from exposure to those power lines so they’d be easy to find. No worries. And so what are they going to do now? They can’t all work at Dunkin Donuts, for Crissake, and snowplowing’s a seasonal thing.”


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5 responses to “Waterfront power plant playground turned down by P&Z

  1. Cos Cobber

    Seriously, is there a newstory on this? Did the P&Z really shoot the park down, if so what is next?

    I’ve been on the site, it sits 30ft above the harbor making for a nice setting looking south..

    • christopherfountain

      I guess the local papers will get around to reporting it tomorrow, Cos Cobber, but the plan was shot down. Hey, I’m a blogger – the news is supposed to be more up-to-date here!

  2. Cos Cobber

    Now at home, I’ve had a moment to check the minutes from last night’s P&Z meeting. I see Frank voted against the project; maybe he could be so kind as to summarize on your blog as to why. I am excited about the prospect of the park at this location. The site certainly has issues given the electrical substation, but it also has much to offer the town with its fine ocean bluff views. Maybe the plan has flaws, but I hope this isn’t a signal that the town may now go a different direction alltogether.

  3. Greenwich Observer

    Although I have long supported the park and well understood the lack of playing fields in this town, I suspect that we may find some affordable housing in a new plan. Maybe the neighbors would agree to that.

  4. Cos Cobber

    I think its a terrible idea to use 9 acres of waterfront for housing. Waterfront is so rare. Tap into a sliver of the pinetum lands to fulfill housing goals.