Bernie, just plead guilty! (take that, Hiram!)

10:14 – Bernie Madoff plead pleaded guilty just now.No surprise there, of course, but does he go back to his penthouse or go straight to jail? I’m guessing jail, which should be the last of that nice tan we saw him with on Tuesday, but I’ve guessed wrong on this case before. Walt and Monica, taking no chances, are rumored to be heading to Mustique at this very instant, hoping to develop their own tans deep enough to survive a few years under artificial light.


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11 responses to “Bernie, just plead guilty! (take that, Hiram!)

  1. Walt

    Not going to happen my friend!! Off to Basil’s. Gin & Tonics while I watch Bernie on CNN.
    You scot free buddy,

  2. Hiram

    The past tense of “plead” is “pleaded” or “pled.”

    • christopherfountain

      So that’s why my clients all ended up in jail! I couldn’t speak English! Well as they say, Hiram, you can lead a horse to water but a pencil must be lead.

  3. Walt

    Ok guys. Now get off my back. What do you think? I am a horse you can ride? That is what you do to a filly. Knock it off Chris!! You know what I mean.
    Bernie ADMITTED it. In open court. He did it ALONE. FGG did NOTHING. Is there any doubt in your mind we did NOTHING???
    So back off boys. Bernie did it alone and said so.
    Off to what I do best – Happy Hour at Basil’s!! It’s two for one night!! And sales are slow, I don’t know why, so I am frugal these day’s. I am actually thinking of cutting the staff a bit – the friggin cabana boy is a slow little bastard – takes him forever to get me a bloody.
    So now that we all know what happened, let’s go have a Margharita!!
    Your free as a bird forgetful buddy (just in case),

  4. Walt

    And do you belive this crap?
    I launder money – YES!! I have Alzheimer’s for Pete’s Sake, so I often bath with my close on. That isn’t a crime, it’s a pardon for Pete’s Sake. Last one to Basil’s is a rotten egg!!
    Your Buddy,

    • christopherfountain

      Relax, Walt, you only remember your name ’cause Monica embroidered it on your Hawaiian shirt. Stay in Mustique, suck on that swizzle stick and maybe drop in on that English fellow who didn’t seem to like you (Monica will remember how to find his tent). He won’t remember you, either and the two of you should have a grand visit.
      All the best,

  5. Walt

    Relax? Relax!!
    Henry FRIGGIN Blodget – that piker convicted crook – HE calls me out? Come on. Look at the source for Pete’s Sake.
    The British? Yellow teeth, no teeth BASTARDS – and the Noel family TREASURES a big tooth grill. For some reason, I have to try and remember why.
    And YOU Chris – I see from an earlier post YOU were incarcerated? Cops just rounding up kids? Yeah right. Wanna buy a bridge, Chris? (But stop buy – the weed at Basil’s RULES DUDE!!!)
    Getting jailed because they are just “rounding up all the kids” is a funnierexcuse than what Bob Jaffe’s defense will be.
    But now you have me thinking. Relax? Weed?
    Gotta go DUDE.
    Your Pal,

    • christopherfountain

      Walt, my only regret at seeing the California penal system up close in 1970 was that it occurred before the rediscovery of the Cilvil Rights Act law suits – I could have retired on the proceeds at 18 and never had to practice law or peddle real estate. Why, I couldda been an investment banker!

  6. Walt

    Chris –
    Dude. My friend. My pal. Selling real estate more than qualifies you to peddle FGG product. As a real estate professional (that always makes me chuckle) – you over promise, over charge, and then under deliver. You, my friend, have perfect FGG partnership potential!!!
    Plus I like you. So a tip, my friend. DON’T interview the same day as that Bar what’s her name hottie. I think she may edge you out. Just a hunch. No inside info. That would be illegal, for Pete’s Sake, and something FGG would NEVER do. But I already have her a reserved stool at Basil’s. Sorry pal. You know it’s a horse eat horse world. I MEAN’T DOG EAT DOG!! It’s the friggin Alzheimers. Regret’s to the Filly’s!!
    Your Bud,

  7. Walt

    Feeder Funds. Feeder Funds?? Come on. The only thing we fed are oats and carrots. We are an alternative investment vehicle that performs TRANSPARENT ( read invisible ) due diligence. Can you see our due diligence? No – it’s transparent.
    In any event, we have better bloodlines than Secretariat. So go have a carrot and STFU.
    Your Pal,