I’m a Congressman – Gimme some of that!

Moeny to (my) People!

Money to (my) People!

According to the NYT, our crazyiest, dumbest member of Congress (and it was a close race), Maxine Waters, tried to use her office to secure favors for a friend. Of course, her peers are no more likely to chastise her for this than they are Charlie Rangel for his little shenanigans. And we won’t discuss Air Nancy either, shall we?

WASHINGTON — Top banking regulators were taken aback late last year when a California congresswoman helped set up a meeting in which the chief executive of a bank with financial ties to her family asked them for up to $50 million in special bailout funds, Treasury officials said.

“Here you had a tiny community bank that comes in and they are not proposing a broader policy — they were asking for help for themselves,” said Steve Lineberry, a former Treasury aide who attended the meeting. “I don’t remember that ever happening before.”

Ms. Waters declined on Tuesday to comment on the meeting, or to say if her husband still owns OneUnited shares. Her staff released two letters that showed the meeting was initially called to discuss industry concerns broadly, not matters related just to OneUnited.

The congresswoman, a member of the House Financial Services Committee, did not disclose her ties to OneUnited to Treasury officials, who said they learned of them only later.

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One response to “I’m a Congressman – Gimme some of that!

  1. Cobra

    The very same Maxine Waters who outed the demonkrats intentions over a year ago? The same woman who, as demonstrated by this video, is honorably representing that party’s benchmark for intellingence and powers of spontaneous articulation?

    Hope this link plays correctly so we can all appreciate what a quick study Obummer was last May when he began formulating his economic attack plan.

    Maybe Chris Dudd can foist off his Galway cottage to Ms. Waters, as she is clearly an exceptionally gifted rocket scientist and a hell of a speaker, as well.