So where will Generalissimo Franco hang out?

From my only reader in Maine comes this story of opportunity in La La Land. Hugh Hefner’s place is up for sale.

Hugh Hefner and wife Kimberley have listed their personal residence, located next door to the Playboy mansion, for sale at $27,995,000. It’s a mini-me to the party palace next door, a sister house if you will.

The two-story, 7,300-square-foot English Manor-style home was built in 1929 and bought by the Hefners in 1998. It sits behind private gates on 2.3 acres and has some of the original wood paneling, leaded-glass windows and hand-carved staircase. There are hand-painted walls, a newly remodeled kitchen with a morning room and butler’s pantry, two staff rooms, formal living and dining rooms, a library and family room. It has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

The grounds back up to the Los Angeles Country Club and include a pool. There is room for a tennis court, which would provide the new owner with plenty of excuses to visit next door when a ball errantly finds its way over the wall.

The home was designed by Arthur R. Kelly for the sister of Arthur Letts Jr., the original owner of the Playboy mansion.

I like this part, referring to the 82-year-old Hefner’s reason for moving out:
The Hefners are selling the home because their two sons will soon head to college.


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3 responses to “So where will Generalissimo Franco hang out?

  1. ff

    I went to a party at Hef’s place a few years ago. Like taking coals to Newcastle, I went with my wife. Anyway, if tacky was solid gold, Hef’s joint would be called King Midas Acres. The room with the Pac Man, Galaga and Asteroids video games where the floor has springs and the furniture is all pillows was charming, but there’s a room that can only be termed the “piston room”. Problem is, some immature zillionaire will buy it and be disturbed that it doesn;t come with 25 19 year old girls, but is in fact old, tired and in need of serious renovation. Plus the land is all canyon cliffside and ledge. And when it is bought, the real estate people will proclaim the market is back. Then Hef will use the proceeds to prop up Playboy’s $1 a share stock.
    The more I think of it, this sounds like a Greenwich spec house

  2. PrimeTimeMom

    LOL @ ff’s description and it’s dead on. You’d have to pay me to live next door to the “mansion”.

  3. kidding really?

    The smartest person I know famously says “Everyone has a story now”