The world economy’s collapsing, we’re going down, what’ll we do? What will we do?!

Demmerkrats unveil ad campaign attacking Rush Limbaugh. I keep hearing from my liberal friends that we finally have a genius in the White House. I keep asking, where’s the evidence of that? Not here.


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8 responses to “The world economy’s collapsing, we’re going down, what’ll we do? What will we do?!

  1. MSL

    That’s Soooooper Genius as in “Wile E. Coyote, Soooooper Genius”. I heard Limbaugh’s listenership and revenue is up considerably since the Dems latched onto their latest diversion from reality. Never cared or listened to him myself as I thought he was mostly a blowhard but I have started listening a bit to what he says rather than how he says it and it makes a lot of sense. As soon as my share of the bailout money starts rolling in maybe I’ll send him a buck or two.
    Thanks Dumerkrats!!

  2. Anonymous

    It’s more of the same hypocrisy from the Dems….James Carville, the Clintons attack dog, publicly stated that he hoped Bush failed when he took office. You didn;t hear a peep from the main stream media.

    You also have top White House staffers spending valuable time polling and looking for enemies when they could be using that time to fix the economic mess.

    My guess is that with Congress and the Wh all democratic they need a new enemy to point the finger at….some much for the Hope of non-partisanship.

  3. J

    If he is such a “genius” then he should have no problems releasing his college and law school transcripts.

  4. Anonymous

    Rush is an idiot. It’s an embarrassment that the likes of Michael Steele, Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh are associated with our party and have come to symbolize the new GOP. Where are the Buckleys of this generation to lead Republicans out of the wilderness? Who will step up? Who can step up?

    • christopherfountain

      Well your party has pretty much abdicated any claim to principles, too, which is why I fear so for this country. There’s no one.

  5. Peg

    Seems like about the only activity which is not “above the pay grade” of Democrats is running an ad campaign against a highly successful conservative talk radio host.

    Too bad they didn’t advertise that this was their plan prior to our last election. Or – did they? And the problem was that not enough of us were listening.

    B.T.W. – I am NOT anonymous, and although I disagree with Rush a fair amount of the time, count me as someone who is terrifically glad that we have his voice. (At least, until the wonderfully named “Fairness Act” shuts him up.)

  6. Hu Nhu ?

    Anonymous is embarrassed ? Bill Buckley admired and, (gasp!) associated with the “idiot” Limbaugh, often–brace yourself–at Shippan Point.

    Don’t look around here for new leadership for your party, it’s a near clone of the local Democratic party, with which it exercises monopoly-like power.
    That should embarrass you.

  7. CJP

    My Rabbi on Rush

    I asked my Brooklyn Rabbi for his honest opinion of Rush Limbaugh. As a Man of the Cloth, my Rabbi calmly responded with his customary Wise Words of Wisdom, in his Fair and Balanced way, saying:

    “Rush Limbaugh is a “shtick dreck” whose opinions aren’t worth “bupkis”. Why this “ohngeshtopteh vantz” should have the head of the Republican Party kissing his “tukhess” is a question that’s above my pay grade. Rush is a “tseckrokhener, tzebisiner narishkeit”. Anyone with a “yiddishe kup” can see that Rush hasn’t got an ounce of “tzeikhel” in his “poopick”. Rush Limbaugh — “feh!! — pui, pui, pui, pui.”