At 78, Walter won’t live to see the end of this

Reader Horse Hockey sends a Citifile link: yet another class action suit against Walter, his son in law Andres, partner Jeff Tucker and, of course, Fairfield Greenwich Group. No mention of Monica or the Fabulous Five though, and that must be a relief.

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One response to “At 78, Walter won’t live to see the end of this

  1. Walt

    HEY!! Just because the Greenwich real estate market is deader than a dinosaur, don’t bury me yet, my condo schilling friend.
    FGG is doing what we always do – protecting our clients money and producing impeccable returns. These lawsuits are merely noise. No substance. Bernie already admitted he did it alone. I would suggest the people behind these nuisance suits save there money, give it to me, and let me produce.
    And leave the filly’s out of it. They are busy grazing.
    Off to brunch!!
    You teflon buddy,