Oh Goody, the Times of London has discovered Chris Dodd’s Irish Cottage

Being closer to the action, we can hope that they’ll bring more light to this than, say, The New York Times has (joke. The NYT has never covered this story. Try searcing its index for ” ‘Chris Dodd’ Connemara ” and you’ll get, “no articles can be found”).

A holiday home in Connemara is at the centre of a growing row in America involving a prominent Democrat politician, a convicted insider trader and the former president Bill Clinton.

The purchase of the home by Senator Christopher Dodd is being examined by the US Senate ethics committee after allegations that Edward Downe Jr, a businessman convicted of insider trading, acted as a “middle man” in the deal.

Eight years ago Dodd, who ran for the Democratic presidential nomination against Barack Obama, lobbied Clinton, the then president, to grant Downe a pardon. This has prompted further questions about the financier’s involvement with the Galway house.

Dodd’s father Thomas was forced from the Senate in disgrace and the son has long claimed a desire to restore [sic] his father’s good name. How much better it would be if the man simply decided not to seek reelection next year and slunk off into the world of Washington lobbying where he could continue to enrich himself outside of the public glare? It’s that or an election loss to a Republican or, best yet, joining his father in his ignominy. Any of the three alternatives would suit me fine.

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