The Gangs of Greenwich?

Blogger Brian Harrod over at Greenwich Roundup claims that the housing projects are infested with gangs, from both Port Chester and home grown, and our Chief of Police is covering it up. Brian quotes anonymous police officers to this effect but anyone can be anyone and say anything when they’re anonymous so I’ll reserve judgment. Still, you’d think that Greenwich Time, having basically become a Bridgeport paper under the care of its parent, Connecicut Post, now has access to reporters experienced in reporting on gang warfare and could send a few over to Wilbur Peck to see what’s up. Me – I wouldn’t dare.


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8 responses to “The Gangs of Greenwich?

  1. Front Row Phil

    Shhh … there are property values to protect.

  2. Walt

    Greenwich gangs?? Now that is funny. They gonna beat me down with a Prada? This is funnier than what Bernie did. Drinks on the veranda. Bring your homies!!
    Your pal,

    • christopherfountain

      They’re shooting each other in Port Chester, Walt, so maybe that’s a problem coming here. My solution to gang violence has always been to impose mandatory shooting classes for all members. That way they can kill each other and innocent bystanders won’t get hurt. As it is, these yo yos hold their pistols sideways ’cause they saw it on tv and spray entire neighborhoods with lead. Disciplined shooting is the answer!

  3. Sue

    This is hilarious. Maybe Greenwich residents should look beyond NY and the US for that matter and realize that the gang influx is coming from Mexico! If Greenwich is worried about gangs, it should help crack down on illegal immigration at the local level.

  4. Kidding Really??

    Perhaps we can build a wall… a really big wall. Lets build it around the entire town of Greenwich. I hate Stamford too.

    • christopherfountain

      So what’s your point, Kidding – welcome gangs with open arms? I say welcome them with loaded arms, but ….

  5. Jessica

    Where do you get your facts about Mexico’s existence in Greenwich, Sue? I think instead of blaming another country, you might want to try looking at slacker parents and the numerous societal reasons kids join gangs. Having grown up in Greenwich, most of the immigrants I have met are people who came to make a better life and take the jobs most entitled Americans would never consider — not to recruit spoiled brats into their gangs. Stereotypes like yours are the reason people think Americans are idiots.

  6. anonymous

    Jerry Springer is coming to Stamford. He can do a live-cam from Greenwich which I think could provide him with enough profanity, fistfights, cheating spouses and incestuous relationships. I think Walt would make an excellent guest host as well.