That was quick!

Not really to be built but it's a pretty drawing, isn't it?

Not really to be built but it's a pretty drawing, isn't it?

No sooner do we write about over priced land listings than 38 Khakum Wood drops its price from what the seller paid for it in 2005, $4.8 million, to $4.250. We get results!

Actually no, this new price has been a long time coming. After buying the place the would-be builder stuck a foundation in the ground and in 2007 offered the foundation and plans to build the palace depicted above for the preposterous price of $8.5 million. That didn’t include the 17,500 monstrosity itself, mind you, just the plans for desecration of Khakum Wood.

No one was interested so the price has been steadily whacked, a million at a time, until it finally hit the purchase price. Now we’re below ground zero and still digging. Where will we stop?

UPDATE: check out the solar panel on the right side of the roof in the rendering. It’s Green! Build a half-acre house, heat a few pints of water from the sun and that blasted tree-hugger GA daughter of yours will be proud to bring her friends home! Such a deal. And your hybrid Explorer will easily fit in the 8-bay garage.


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4 responses to “That was quick!

  1. Stanwich

    You need to do another in-depth post on the stretch of North Street from Dingletown up to the Merritt. I drove by yesterday and couldn’t believe the idiocy going on up there. Who builds a European palace on the off-ramp to a highway? There are so many big, flashy, empty spec homes — who is behind the madness?

    • christopherfountain

      It’s going to be a blood bath, Stan. Already, builders with multiple projects are saying (some are saying) “just bring me an offer – any offer”. Their banks will be even more flexible.

  2. CEA

    Loch Lane, across from that turreted monstrosity which I’ve railed against for months now, has THREE going up, and there’s maybe 7 houses total on the street.

  3. Anonymous

    rendering of khakum wood – owner” broadway par tners”, aka scott lawlor…same owner as field point circle…motivated seller to say the least