Calling all Noel fans

Received an intriguing request from a London writer for  well known publication, looking for information on the Noels:

“I’m focusing specifically on Ariane Noel, the sister that’s based in London, but any background on the way the Noels are now viewed in the US would be really useful!”

Anyone want to be an anonymous source? A named source? Except for you, Walter – I think you’re biased. If so, send me your dirt and I’ll pass it along back to the mother country. And anything on Andres Piedrahita would be gratefully received here – I have a feeling he may prove to be the most interesting of the entire Noel clan.


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9 responses to “Calling all Noel fans

  1. NYCT101

    What does this person want to know?
    Ariane and her husband have flown under the radar for years. He has refused to go with FGG and drink the “dumbing down” Kool Aid. Sadly he gave them money… they are very nice people.
    Mr. Piedrahita went to another country other than Spain over the holidays Im told…Egypt or Dubai…nice place to go if you need privacy to unload a few or million things.

  2. NYCT101

    Look into Italian heir Ernesto B.
    He may have just purchased massive home in Mustique…who knows now where the funds will go if a sale goes through

  3. Front Row Phil

    How about an article penned by our own CF?

    • christopherfountain

      I do fiction and am working on same but I believe the reporter looking for information is constrained by the necessity of using actual facts. I hate when that happens.

  4. Ariane

    Ariane was awarded the prize of looking most like Lauren Bacall someday (the older version, not the younger). She is a sweet person by nature and was the harder working half of the Lisina-Ariane Georgetown sisters. While Lisina was partying with some Latin guy and wear leopard pants, Ariane was partying with Shakespeare and wearing pajama pants studying.
    Their mother was a driving force in their life. Exposure to the Round Hill Club was probably a negative influence. Brooke Douglass, who could not get into Duke until January of her starting year, was another bad influence. Those role models for Ariane during college told her at that age to marry any male who could move both legs regardless of his age and had deep pockets to support a rich lifestyle. Brooke would always go after old dudes. Thankfully Ariane found someone who stayed a part from the family fraud.

  5. No dirt

    Ariane sleeps with clean sheets. No dirty laudry in the Ariane hamper. She was a thumbs up at Georgetown. You might try talking to the Corroon brothers, Chris and Pete in Utah. One of those brothers knew Ariane in that era 20 years ago. They were all RHC members.

  6. Walt

    Biased? Come on Chris. I made my living giving unbiased investment advice. Is it my fault I always picked Bernie? So knock it off.
    Late for tennis!!
    Your Pal,

  7. HarASSment

    Why don’t you call their kids Nadia, Isabella, Maximilian, or Brando for dirt on their parents Ariane and Marco? Or call their kids teachers in London.
    -Monica Noel 661-9497

  8. Bring IT on!

    I want my MTV and more Douglass-Noel bashing.