Greenwich Time death watch

Not by me – I kind of enjoy the paper, which can be consumed in thirty seconds and you’re good to go, but there are those who don’t and are anticipating its demise with glee.

Bill Clark gives them fifteen days, although I’m unsure where he comes up with this deadline.

Brian Harrod at Greenwich Roundup notes the recent firing of twenty more staff from the Hearst Connecticut division and foresees a combined paper issued from Bridgeport.

Hearst continues to deny that it plans to fold GT and The Advocate into a regional paper, but today it shut down its Seattle Intelligencer (a name coined by our former president George Bush, by the way) and, if I were employed by Hearst, I think I’d be sending my resume to someplace like AIG, where they still give out paychecks and bonuses.


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3 responses to “Greenwich Time death watch

  1. MJT

    WSJ in an article today about the paper shutting down, said this :

    “But the P-I experiment is fairly low-risk for the profitable, family-controlled Hearst, which also owns consumer magazines and has a 20% stake in the ESPN cable channel.”

    In short, the economics of newspaper publishing sucks, but Hearst also owns magazines and part of a sports cable channel. Craigslist and the new depression killed newspapers, some of them just don’t know it yet.

  2. I seriously doubt the Local Rag is a profit-making part of the Hearst empire; rather, I suspect it’s hemorrhaging money on a daily basis. As I said in an earlier post, it’s indeed a dead paper walking.

  3. Front Row Phil

    Chris — When will we get to talk about the demise of the New York Times? Hopefully, soon. It seems they’re desperately groping for a viable business model. They’re alienating more and more print readers while attempting to push people online — where they’re becoming more a national paper than a local or regional one. Most important: the sports section has gone from great to good and can no longer be counted on for at least one interesting read each day. My guess is that there will always be a Times. But in what shape or form?