What’s in a Mojito?

From the same Belle Haven party mentioned below comes another picture taken by Fairfield County Look. I’m curious what, exactly, has been done to the guy in the middle to produce that look of smug satisfaction. I’ve got to get to more parties.

"Oh George, you big silly!"

"Oh George, you big silly!"


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11 responses to “What’s in a Mojito?

  1. anonymous

    Sure it’s not a Fire Island party?

  2. Anonymous

    Now there’s a guy who got out at the top. The grin says it all.

  3. Why are they SMILING?

    Scott Frantz ends up in every event picture gallery. Media hog? Can anyone recommend a new barber to him? Can his wife get a more pleasant nickname than “Icy”?

    The event was at M&M Sullivan place on John Street.

    Mrs. Sullivan is a GG grand-child of the Henry Ford. That stock is selling for pennies these days. Is there a Ford in her future?, maybe not. Enjoy it while the money lasts because it never does.

    Her former husband Ricky Bourke is about the go to trial in June for brieb and corruption charges with a foreign official. Good luck getting out of that one. He will be a Noel replacement summer blog topic.

    Mr and Mrs Douglass a big friends with Ricky and his former wife. They used to live near them in Maine. Mrs D did the interior design of the Bourke Maine home and ended up in Arch Digest.
    Why do the Douglass family seem so tight with people who are not so credible like the Noel’s and the Bourkes. Douglass helps Noel hide money. Douglass works for Noel. Douglass works for Bourke. Bad news these Douglass people.

    I guess his son Avery and his wife (once married to a polo player) will not have much of a Dooney & Bourke company to inherit after that trial.

    The guys pictured are rumored to be gay.

    John Knox has plenty of time to see his wife now that he no longer works at First Republic Bank (and we no longer have to hear those awful First Republic Bank commercials played endlessly on CBS Radio before the bank was sold out).

    The Ricky Riccardo impersonator kept saying all day at the event: “Caravalla, you got some “splainin” to do”.

    Greenwich is a great place to “hang”.

  4. No Noel

    How come Mr. Noel is not here?

    The summer replacement to the Noel story will be the Mr. Burke story. His son Avery and his wife (once married to a polo player) is there with his mom in your picture gallery.

    The Burke story has all the flavor of the Noel story (beautiful people, lots of money, and Greek tragedy). This Burke trial is coming in June in Manhattan Federal Court. He got caught trying to illegallly buy a Russian oil company with another shady dude nicknamed the “Pirate of Prague” Kozeny. Stay tuned. Lots of good blogging on this Dooney & Burke handbag founder.

    Why do all these players live near the Round Hill Club? Did all these smart people get beaned by a golf ball?

  5. Hands?

    Can anybody tell me where the hands are hiding on the two guys in the blue shirts? I sure hope the hands are above the waist line otherwise the smiling guy in the middle has something to tell his mother.

  6. Lowther and Keigher

    The guy on the right is George Lowther the 4th of Riverside and he has a wife named K.K. His mother lived in Palm Beach and died in 2002. The guy on the left is Michael Keigher who married his college girlfriend at St. Lawrence and works at JP Morgan (once at Paine Webber in equity trading).

    The guy in the middle is unknown. All of them should not stand together anymore because they look too gay. Is that acceptable to say?

    I think the party organizer here used the Republican Party of Greenwich rolodex.

    If Scott Frantz is there, the smell of Republican donors is everywhere! Didn’t we have to close down the roads for Frantz when they had George Bush in Old Greenwich for a Party fundraiser at his house? Where is Mitt Romney is this picture gallery?

  7. Middleman

    The malcolm in the middle we think is paul a minor jr of ridgeview rd off north street. his father lives on clapboard ridge. he works at jeffries & co. people should not stand close like that. why do people want their pics in these columns? what happened to parties where u wear a mask?

  8. Anonymous

    Just looked at all the photos on the Fairfield County Look website — more than half of those knuckleheads are RHC members……..or were members. Rumor has it that 30-40 have recently dropped out. Not surprisingly though given the far reaching hands of members Noel/Douglass/Bourke etc….

  9. Old School Grump

    Here’s a quiz:

    What am I talking about here?
    1) When you’re born
    2) When you get married
    3) When you die

  10. anonny

    The answer to Old School is three times you should appear in the newspaper!
    I agree.

  11. Another VBS Member

    George Lowther IV is one of the greatest guys in the world. THAT’s why the guy to his right is smiling.