Dodd: “That contribution is no longer operative.”

Chris Dodd is returning $103,000 paid him by A.I.G. during his “campaign” for president. Which is interesting – why would anyone give Dodd money to conduct what was an obviously futile run for the presidency? Even if Dodd, egotist that he is, believed in himself, no sane person gave him a rat’s ass of a chance to beat anyone, and he didn’t – he came in last in the few states he bothered to contest. But would a financial services firm contribute to the Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee? They would, and they did, by the millions. The possibility of such generosity surely didn’t escape Dodd when he was deciding whether to run. But if it was proper for Dodd to extort money from the industry he oversees as Chairman, why is it improper to keep that money now? The man from the Nutmeg state won’t say.

I’ll give the crook this much: once bought, he stays bought, as his AIG Dodd amendment proved. Boss Tweed would have liked him.


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4 responses to “Dodd: “That contribution is no longer operative.”

  1. The “esteemed” senior Senator from Connecticut decides now that he has to give the AIG contributions back? Perhaps he was distracted searching for those Countrywide mortgage application forms that he promised to release and somehow has yet to do so? Or was he off at his Irish “cottage” vacationing as crooks are known to do?

  2. Anonymous

    Dodd is the mis-direction in the Administration’s Statue of Liberty play. And make no mistake, the man is a crook.

    If President Media Messiah, can:
    – deflect populist outrage toward the $175 million in bonuses,
    – scapegoat and make the public symbol the guy who was brought in by the government and working for $1 per year to do the clean up,
    – then who will ask the hard questions about the $175 BILLION in government handouts AIG?

    Yes, the AIG which was one of the most generous donors to Democratic candidates and causes, including Chris and Barry, recipients #1 and #2 of AIG contribution largesse.

  3. Jax

    You are right, it’s a big mess.

    If you thought it couldn’t get any worse than Bush. The dems are spending more and making mistakes of the grossest incompetence. Here is the latest
    (quite shocking) of their trillion dollar blunders:

  4. m-1911

    Dodd is a disgrace, Charles Rangle is a disgrace Barney Frank is a disgrace, but the bigger disgrace are the dumb voters that continue to return them back to Washington over and over again. Kick the bums out!!!