You know all that talk about preventative care saving medical costs?

Quite the opposite in some cases. As reported in the NY Times, PSA prostate cancer testing is worse than worthless, it causes unnecessary risks. Mammography seems to have the same dismal cost/benefit ratio. Both these tests are required to be paid for by medical insurance, by the way, in case you were wondering why medical insurance is so expensive.


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4 responses to “You know all that talk about preventative care saving medical costs?

  1. OGRCC


    I think your headline is misleading.

    Anyone that knows anything about PSA screening knows that it can be a useless test.

    The people that developed this assay most likely helped publish some evidence of its efficacy and then got a medical association to go ahead and endorse the assay.

    Maybe our doctors and more specifically the internists, our ‘first line of defense’ are not really the best in the world after all. If you don’t believe me, ask around.

    The ‘preventative care’ you speak of that is causing unnecessary risk is the cancer treatment itself and or the biopsies.

    Real preventative care is not a money making business model which is why it is not popular here in the USA.

    The Europeans on the other hand do not all get screened for PSA and rightly so. I am hopeful that we in the US will model our health care systems after theirs, it’s about time.

  2. Towny

    Come on. A PSA is part of a simple blood screen. It cost about 6 bucks

  3. ogrcc

    Yeah it is a cheap test… but that isn’t the issue.

    medical insurance probably requires that you have this test done annually or bi-annually.

    either way it’s a sham.

  4. Towny

    Its not a sham if your numbers are off the chart. The problem is how they read the middle……