Blumenthal: “It wasn’t me, it was Eliot!”

blumenthal_painted_toenails Greenwich cops charge duo in tryst blackmail scheme.


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5 responses to “Blumenthal: “It wasn’t me, it was Eliot!”

  1. Blind Brook

    Lay off the guy unless you can suggest someone better who can win.

  2. Anonymous

    CF, is someone trying to bully your First Amendment rights?
    How low. Brownshirt like.

  3. Sambone


    Article today in Bloomberg on Greenwich. May be old news to you.

  4. Hu Nhu ?

    It’s easy to find someone better, especially compared to this phony. Finding someone who can win is not easy given his political machine advantages, but it is plausible, especially in the emerging climate.

    Lay off him? Don’t hold him accountable? Why? Does he bruise easily?

  5. pulled up in OG

    Looks like Blumenthal found another $53 million packed into AIG’s bonus pool. $218M total now.