Richard Blumenthal, toadstool

Get off my beard, ya big oaf or I'll sue ya!

Get off my beard, ya big oaf or I'll sue ya!

Connecticut’s Attorney General seems determined to change our motto to “The Me Too State”. He has, after the big boys have shown him how to do it, sued Microsoft, tobacco companies, George Foreman’s Grill Master and the Girl Scouts of America.  Now he’s subpoenaed AIG for the names of the bonus babies, never mind that  Congress and that other despicable AG, Andrew Cuomo, already have them. Dick wants his own list, I suppose to demonstrate that he’s on the job. Little men should shut up and sit down, so that no one notices how small they are.

And here’s a scary thought: if, by some miracle, the Demmerkrats get rid of Dodd before next year’s election, this hungry, ambitious snake will be climbing over the bodies of his children to snatch the nomination.  And Connecticut being the foolish state that it is, he’d win.


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15 responses to “Richard Blumenthal, toadstool

  1. Old Coot

    Guess we don’t have a monopoly on skunk politicians here in California.

  2. Blind Brook

    Blumenthal is a g00d man. Ask Peter Malkin.

  3. Front Row Phil

    ” … this hungry, ambitious snake will be climbing over the bodies of his children to snatch the nomination.”

    CF: Part of me loves that. The other part loves it even more. Please, at some point, let us know how you arrived at such a clear point of view re: Mr. Blumenthal.

  4. Listen, dude: as a 3rd generation member with impeccable right wing credentials in this town, going back to when your family were still in NY, I can tell you Blumenthal is our guy. I know him, you don’t. Cut the bitchiness unless you are in heat. Do I smell a whiff of anti-semitism here? My crowd likes Dick. Don’t march down party lines. Who do you suggest, Chris?

    • christopherfountain

      I despise the man, Blind Brook – he’s a bully, a lick spittle and a poser and would make an even worse senator than Dodd, if that’s possible. Did I mention I don’t like him? And what the hell does anti-semitism have to do with it?

  5. anonymous

    Ultimately, a handful of Greenwich hedgies will decide which corrupt moron (which politician aside from Bloomie or Arnie isn’t?) they’d rather see in that office…and offer generous campaign donations for a guy who understands who pays the taxes and creates high-income jobs in CT….all taxpayers aren’t created equal

  6. Anonymous

    go get ’em CF.
    someone doth protest too much.

  7. Hu Nhu ?

    Blumenthal personifies the term, “empty suit.” He is a charmless, power-craving thug with a good tailor and a small brain.

  8. Blind Brook

    Dick is a good guy and a damn sight better than Dodd, and further more someone with integrity who can win. You are busy attacking the guy with no discernible reason. Thus the anti semitism question. Riverside is famous for it. Bitter second tier.

    • christopherfountain

      That’s every bit as stupid, Blind Brook, as saying that to oppose Obama is proof one’s a racist. Transcend this idiocy, eh?

  9. B1

    and a rich father-in-law.

    If you’re interested, research the CT law firms who shared in the mega-millions distributed to lawyers who were involved in the tobacco litigation. Some interesting connections to Dick there.

  10. Blind Brook

    Lickspittle is a very good adjective, by the way. Just don’t lay it on Dick without a reason.

  11. Hiram

    Blind Brook is as wrong about “lickspittle” as he is about Blumenthal. Lickspittle is a noun, not an adjective.

  12. Walt

    Hiram –
    You need to get a life. Seriously dude. Now come on down to Mustique, ride the filly’s (oop’s!!!) and learn to relax.
    Your Conjuctive Dysfunctional Pal,

  13. argot

    Bluementhal does what ever makes him look good to the cameras, did anyone ever tell him that the he is really not a you know a real general just an a hole