Who said I was infallible?

26 Circle Drive

26 Circle Drive

When this house came on the market last fall I had not-kind things to say about it. I thought that given its location close to I-95 and the NHRR and the number of spec houses in its immediate vicinity that buyers would drive its price down, not withstanding its nice backyard. Well it went to contract soon thereafter, no doubt to spite me, and yesterday it sold for $2 million even, just about its asking price of $2.2. So there you go: listen to me at your peril.


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9 responses to “Who said I was infallible?

  1. idiot

    what idiot would spend 2 mill to live on the hwy?

  2. SizeBuyer

    There is a seat for every ASS.

    I just have to have that house on the highway.

    So what do you think about my garages?

  3. Anonymous

    I’m sure it’s a match made in heaven! There’s something out there for everyone.

  4. Stanwich

    I just don’t understand that location. $2.2m could buy you a similar house in a much nicer location. CF, do you think the builder is doing any funny business with credits at closing perhaps to keep up appearances for other spec homes he has in the area? Circle/Morningside has a lot of new construction, is any of it from the same builder?

    • christopherfountain

      Stanwich, I think he does have other projects but I know the other house that this buyer eschewed in favor of this one and that, too, by another builder, is going for $2 million, so I’d say this was a straight sale. No accounting for taste.

  5. anonymous

    Neither money nor lack of money buys taste or ability to judge value

  6. Anonymous

    The only people in Greenwich who DON’T read your blog. Fools!

  7. a

    you are all a bunch of a**h****s. f***k you chris fountain, if i see you see you around, g-d have mercy on you, you f*****g piece of s**t. get a life scumbag. print this you f*****g degenerate washed out real estate broker. you and your readers are jealous that your houses aren’t selling.

    [edited for clarity by CF]

  8. realtor

    there will soon be a complaint filed with the board of realtors, regarding your disinformation about real estate in greenwich.