Greenwich real estate doings this week

Almost non-existent. We’re up to five single family houses going to contract for the month, which is awful. 80 Perkins Road, new construction by Jordan Saper, will close on Monday and the revelation of its selling price should be telling. Saper asked $7.950 million and in the past, a Saper house usually commanded close to full price. In the past. This time, I’m betting $6.5 high, $5 million, low. More on Monday.

There is another spec house closing next week, for an astonishing price. Can’t tell where or how much, now, but it’s going to be a lot of fun for some folks to laugh at, if they’re brave enough. I may set up another blog under a pseudonym and do just that.

The late Kit Wright’s Belle Haven home at 52 Pear Lane came up for sale today, listed for $16.5 million. It’s an acre and a half, direct waterfront with a deepwater dock (or so the listing says – I never looked), with a view more of Greenwich Harbor than Long Island Sound. It is a nifty cottage – as unique as its former owner – but I don’t know what the market is for a rambling little place that looks like an illustration from the times of Shakespeare. It was actually built in 1900, and the listing says it’s been “renovated at various times.” I suppose it has, although the last time I visited I saw no sign of renovations that I would have described as “recent”. Cool place though.

There was a neighbor, Egyptian I think, who lived in the original mansion for which this served as the gate house. He had a standing offer to Kit to buy the place back to restore the original grounds, but the fact that it’s being offered for sale would indicate that either he’s no longer there or interested or perhaps didn’t offer enough. In any event, his loss is your opportunity. Goldman boys need not apply, but maybe one of you hedge fund types described below in the Greenwich Avenue post as still having tons of money would like to jump in.


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2 responses to “Greenwich real estate doings this week

  1. I didn’t realize that Kit had left us…how sad.

    Is this the property that abuts Round Island?

  2. SizeBuyer


    There is a lot of mention about builders underwater and in trouble. What about homeowners?

    Are there any homeowners that are in a bind (owning 2 homes needing to sell 1?) Any in riverside or the rest of greenwich?