Sorry to end her fun, but I’ve just permanently labelled Shelton 04 spam so off she goes. Shelton, we tolerate lots of stuff here but ALL CAPITAL LETTERS are annoying and, in Internet etiquette, are considered the written equivalent of shouting. That’s a no-no. And yes, I’m sure I do “suck as a realtor” – on the other hand, I sold far more of it in the past year than 95% of my peers and, judging from your pique, a lot more than you. Good luck, dear. You hold onto that price and write in a few years to tell me how you did.


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5 responses to “Banned!

  1. Jane

    Everyone needs to calm down. If you price a good home properly, it will sell. It may not go at the crazy “sealed bid” drama of yesteryear, but it will sell. Sit tight and chill. She is a bit too intense!

  2. Walt

    So you want to know the truth on real estate pricing?
    The truth? The TRUTH? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH. You WANT me on that WALL. You NEED ME on that WALL!!
    I do Jack as good as I do Jimmy!!
    Gotta go worm!!!
    Your Pal,
    PS – Don’t ban me for the caps. I am a feeble old man. WORM!!

  3. Retired IB'er


    Congratulations. Isn’t this your first banning.

    I would imagine that is the internet blogger’s equivalent of having made it into the big leagues.

  4. Seriously...

    At what point did Shelton become a “she”?

  5. SizeBuyer


    Where is the all capital letter comment? Did you post it because I haven’t seen it?