I blame Bush

He should have strangled Jimmy Carter back in 1994 when the peanut farmer first ventured to North Korea.

North Korean long-range missile on launch pad.

let me show you where we are here on this globe. Drop in any time!

let me show you where we are here on this globe. Drop in any time!


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16 responses to “I blame Bush

  1. anonymous

    Clinton was president in 1994.

    • christopherfountain

      He was also president during the build up to 9/11 and it was still Bush’s fault so I figure ….

  2. Al Dente

    A friend of mine attended a Democrat Party function last night in West Palm Beach, Fl. She said the bulk of the meeting was spent bashing Bush. When is that going to stop ? Answer : Never, as long as Obama continues to make a fool of himself.

    Gertrude: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

  3. OGRCC

    who says bush was at fault for 9/11 ?

    people just make fun of him for sitting there reading to nursery school kids instead of doing something else. what else? I dunno.

  4. OGRCC

    I am aware of the fat guy from detroit..

    blaming bush for everything under the sun is still fashionable.. So is blaming obama, but the guy has been in office less than 90 days….

    Bush was an pretty lousy president and his legacy of mediocrity and shit will last for a long time.

  5. Jess Sayin

    A couple of missiles with just the right telemetry could help shrink the housing stock in a flash–or two.

    And Washington can blame AIG.

  6. pulled up in OG

    Speaking of legacy’s (jk.H) started reading one about g-d last night . . . “Tear Down This Myth”

    At least Ronnie had one worth debating.

  7. OGRCC

    then we agree that bush is an incompetent?

  8. Al Dente

    Democrats SHOULD be extolling the wonderful things Obama et al have done/are doing. Instead, shows on MSNBC et al are bashing the crap out of Bush/Cheney. They are gone, history, adios amigo. I think it is absolutely hysterical.

  9. Walt

    I blame Bernie.
    Off to dinner!!
    Your Pal,

  10. kidding really?

    I miss Bush… Markets were “less shitty”

  11. Old Coot

    Those infected with BDS are unable to move on.

  12. Wally

    The fact is, the Dems always have to have someone to demonize, because that is easier for its constituents to get behind than policy positions that don’t add up or that they don’t understand anyway. First it was Newt Gingrich, then W. They have now tried (briefly) to make Rush Limbaugh the new bad guy, but that isn’t sticking to the extent that they would like because the public recognizes him primarily as an entertainer rather than a politician. So it’s back to Bush.