Are we running out of ball players?

29 Calhoun Drive, a tear-down and building lot off Glenville Road, was purchased by the builder Back Country Ventures for $2.375 million back in July, ’08, and put back up for sale in October at $2.450. Today, just days after selling their Perkins Road house to that new Yankee, they dropped the price of this land to $2.150 million. We’re still in spring training guys; not too late to hold out hope for a new player coming in, is it?


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2 responses to “Are we running out of ball players?

  1. anonymous

    Not sure who’s more stupid: anyone who’d buy land right after Bear collapse and try to sell it right after Lehman-AIG collapse for more than Jul08 price….or the moron ball player who’d buy the crap

    The lack of common sense is truly astounding….but that’s what makes a market, right?

  2. InfoDiva

    Let’s not forget that back in July ’08, Backcountry Ventures bought a habitable, albeit obsolete house.

    Judging by what went on there during the six months a construction trailer was in evidence, the house is now an empty shell, suitable only for the bulldozer.

    As a Calhoun Association resident, I’d like to thank BCV for its contribution to our community.

    I hope they at least have the decency to keep the lawn mowed this summer.