Pressing questions

Here’s a picture of our president at a basketball game, sipping a beer. Nothing wrong with that – in fact, he looks relaxed, which is an excellent thing. What’s got me curious is that he’s holding his beer with his right hand and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen other pictures of him signing bills with his left hand. I, a coffee drinker these days, hold my drink in my right hand too, but I’m right handed. So the question is, am I wrong in thinking there’s something sinister (in the original sense of the word – ask Hiram, although he’ll probably correct me) about our Prez, or is he ambidextrous or do lefties hold their cups just like we righties? And if you think that the fact I’m worrying about this means it’s a dull day in real estate, you’d be right. Still, any lefties out there know the answer?

president Lefty

president Lefty


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8 responses to “Pressing questions

  1. Lorin

    It’s because he’s gauche….

  2. pulled up in OG

    C’mon Chris . . . you must’ve tried the other hand at least once.

    • christopherfountain

      That’s cruel of you, OG, but perhaps you don’t know that my left palm is so hairy that I can no longer grip anything with it. Father McClusky was right!

  3. Vicky

    Dude, did you learn nothing in college? You need one hand for your drink and one for your cigarette. The one you write with will be the one you smoke with, and the other used for the beverage. And it’s a habit that sticks.

    P.S. To Lorin … He’s not gauche, he’s adroit!

  4. Ach

    I don’t think it is uncommon for left handers to perform some tasks with their right hands, particularly earlier generations.

    My father is left handed, but there are many things he prefers to do right handed (including eating). Yes, not a big data set to work with…

  5. rivdiv

    All left handers are ambidextrous.

  6. Anon

    My daughter is left handed. She writes and plays sports as a lefty. She likes to play golf righty, however, and we insist upon her eating with her right hand. We consider eating right handed in this country to be part of having proper table manners generally, as otherwise she will be banging elbows at dinner parties, etc.

    Otherwise, we encourage left handed/footedness in all other aspects. Its a big advantage in sports!

  7. Anonymous

    They say that every left-handed person had a ‘mirror image’ twin originally.