You voted for change, you got it – suck it up

Letter from an AIG FP employee expressing shock that he and his colleagues were treated unfairly. He reminds me of Michael Moore, dumbstruck that Osama hit New York – “doesn’t he know we voted for Kerry?” Useful idiots.This guy was in finance for the same reason I’m in real estate: not to make money, heaven forfend, but to help our fellow man. Cry me a river.

Personally I hate this system, I fear for the future of America and
the world and I and many of my colleagues strongly supported
candidates of change like Obama because we could see something was
amiss. I will tell you though, what was amiss was not that a bunch of
hard working, highly motivated and intelligent individuals working in
finance got paid a lot, what was amiss was that the wider culture led
by people like W Bush and Dick Fuld and Jimmy Cayne set and reinforced
the example that money was the ultimate arbiter of goodness and
rightness and that people who stuck to their traditional values and
actually cared about the institutions they worked in and refused to do
crappy business that would blow up their banks were sidelined and
underpaid and made to feel like fools for “not getting it”.

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One response to “You voted for change, you got it – suck it up

  1. anonymous

    Life isn’t fair and Santa Claus is a myth, etc etc…apparently news to these morons

    Every era ends with those who earned “excessive” (whatever that means) money vilified (and sometimes accused of crime)