Public housing in Greenwich

The power plant’s ours -now, where’s that public housing we promised to build?

In an interview in his Town Hall office, Mr. Tesei said that local sentiment simply does not support the use of town resources for affordable housing. “Many people would argue, ‘Who’s subsidizing my housing?’ ” he said.

Contrary to popular media portrayals of Greenwich as a place inhabited solely by the rich, he added, the town has an economically diverse population as well as diverse housing stock. To support his point, Mr. Tesei printed out a list of about 100 properties available for rent at $1,050 to $2,500 a month. The list is maintained on the town’s Web site to aid municipal employees looking for housing.

As a percentage of its housing inventory, Greenwich actually has a higher level of affordable housing than some of its Fairfield County neighbors. About 5 percent of the housing inventory, or 1,230 units, qualifies as permanently affordable under state guidelines because it is either subsidized or subject to an affordability deed restriction. That’s about twice the percentage that exists in New Canaan or Darien.

Mr. Tesei is beginning to grow on me. And, although they’ve tried, low income housing advocates have never explained to my satisfaction why I should be taxed to accommodate another person’s choice of occupation, be it school teacher, policeman or welfare mom.

UPDATE: well I’ve heard from policemen, teachers and, assuming he is one, Fred the welfare mom. All are hurt that I don’t want to subsidize their housing. My point is, do what you want to do in life: be a cop, a teacher, a real estate agent or even an investment banker or welfare sponge. Each has its rewards: real estate agents and welfare moms have a lot of leisure time, for instance as do IBrs, these days, and each has its costs. Like, salary. You want to be an artist? Go for it, man, but don’t ask Fred to pay out of his pocket for your choice. Buy your own paint, rent your own garret.


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9 responses to “Public housing in Greenwich

  1. SizeBuyer

    Because liberals know what is right for you! Don’t you know that? That’s the party line. The gall of you to think that you know what you want more than they do…

    Shame on you, CF!!!!!!

  2. anonymous

    Agree, CF

    Unionized, government employees are the modern-day UAW…highly paid, inept workers who live off of politicians’ waste of ever-higher taxes

    Let free mkt price the labor and housing costs; if people want competent police and teachers, they can easily pay for it….we already pay >$100K/yr for fairly worthless quality union labor…the marvels of non-free mkts of communist society

  3. SizeBuyer


    I am all for letting people fend for themselves however I think your comparison is off base regarding teachers and police officers. Now if you are talking about DMV employees then I agree. There is a difference please don’t confuse the two.

  4. fred

    Holy smokes! Arent you the same Chris Fountain, lawyer, writer, real estate afficianado, and quasi journalist- who recently blogged about your personal trials and tribulations of buying/using state sponsored health insurance?

    Maybe you should try another profession so that you can afford to self insure.

    Why do the rest of us have to subsidize you?

    What a snob!

    • christopherfountain

      Fred, when I show up at your door with armed representatives of the state and demand that you pay for my medical care, you’ll have a point. Until then …

  5. fred

    your logic defys

  6. pulled up in OG

    Walt says “No, no, it’s defy’s.”
    Hiram defies both of ’em to get it right.

  7. Rachelle

    Even worse, subsidized housing creates hostility and resentment on both sides. Housing projects are always a social blight that damages self esteem, creates class strife and generational dependency. Go visit Wilbur Peck and weep for the children.

  8. fred

    i weep for nancy……..for without her, our own resident real estate super-blogger would have to seek refuge at the port chester ymca.