Market wrap up, 3/30/09

1 Pheasant Lane

1 Pheasant Lane

No sales reported today but we did get a spurt of new listings just at the close. One Pheasant Lane, off North Maple, was last listed in 2005 for $4.795 and eventually sold in 2006 for $3.850. It asks $3.975 today. The seller is an LLC, often an indication that a builder owns a place. If so, he’s changed his mind.

33 Dairy Road, listed as both a residence and land, sold for $1.6 million in 1996 and asks $3.595 now. No indication that much has been done to it so the price increase must be attributable to inflation and the passage of time.

And that’s about it for real estate excitement today.


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  1. Walt

    Here you go!! Instead of acting like little cry babys, try something like this:
    Off to Happy Hour!!
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  2. Walt

    Don Imus is selling in Westport. Here is the listing:
    Get on the stick and call him up, you slacker. I need to teach you a thing or two about prospecting leads. Sheesh. Standard referal fee if you get it, Dude!! Sales at FGG still slow. No idea why.
    Your Pal,

  3. Andres P, Noel hack

    More on A.P., the best son in law a father could have.