Saab Story

Saab 96

Saab 96

Well darn. Saab is probably getting out of the production business. I didn’t like mine when they were made under General Motors’ ownership (quelle surprise) but the old ’96 two-stroke that required you to mix oil in the gas was a blast. Amazing cars, great torque and one of them saved my friend’s life when, as a Williams’ boy with a tad too much to drink, he went airborne, flipped a couple of times end-over-end and then rolled over a few more times before smashing into a telephone pole. The car didn’t survive but a band of Ephmen did, and no doubt the world’s a better place because of it. No doubt.

But I’ll miss those Saabs.


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6 responses to “Saab Story

  1. OGRCC

    the saab I had was JUNK.

    they deserve to be out of business.

    same deal with pontiac, buick, saturn and Hummer.

    • christopherfountain

      But what year was your car? By 1993 they were indeed junk and after two very bad experiences I never went back, but before the wizards of Detroit got to them I, at least, thought they were grand.

  2. anonymous

    Need safety and reliability in cars; post-crash life in a wheelchair sucks; car that fails on-road in a high-crime area or along a fast, busy road may entail serious injury risks from personal attack or car being rear-ended

    US-engineered cars or SUVs have neither safety nor reliability…true POS engineering

    Lexus/Toyota/Honda have rather dubious safety and good reliability

    Best overall safety and reliability is found in new Mercedes sedans or coupes (not SUVs)

  3. OGRCC

    1992 or 94, funny that the magical year 93 is sandwiched.

    my brother had one too i think it was a 94

    the engine header was cracked after 80,000 on the clock.

    he thought his car would run for a long time b/c of the low miles. yeah right.

    we both own Jeeps now.

  4. Peg

    I had a 1996 white Saab convertible. I adored it – despite its quirks and its noise and its impossible-to-see-out-of rear window.

    It was beyond cute. Miss it terribly – but can’t imagine hauling clients around in it. Alas.

  5. nobody

    I loved a different Swede…my ’94 Volvo was my favorite car ever, it saved my life once but died for the sins of the idiot who hit me. My ’04 (Ford era) Volvo may have a more lux interior than my ’94 but I have little/no faith in its ability to protect me in the same ways. I root for Sweden to take Volvo and Saab back from the U.S. automakers.

    The ’04 gets slightly better gas mileage but at a significant reduction in safety, the ’04 Mercedes C-class sedan wasn’t any better, in my opinion.

    Obviously, I am not an IB’er, but I enjoy your blog anyway. : )