Dodd’s at it again – wants sweetheart deals for credit card deadbeats,too

Why should the senator from Connecticut be the only one to get easy credit from banks? Today he rammed through a bill easing credit card terms for consumers who can’t afford credit. This, of course,will drive rates up for everyone and end up restricting credit, not expanding it but Dodd, knowing how much he did for poor folk who deserved to own their own homes, will fix that, too in due course. Just as banks aren’t allowed to redline or otherwise discriminate against home loan borrowers who lack the ability to repay what they take, look for relief for those who need 52″ plasma TVs. It’s their right to have and our obligation to provide, all courtesy of Dodd.

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One response to “Dodd’s at it again – wants sweetheart deals for credit card deadbeats,too

  1. Vicky

    Huh? I have the same contempt for Dodd as you have, CF, and very little patience for people who get in over their heads with credit cards, but I don’t understand your rage here. I read the article and saw no mention of forced credit card debt forgiveness or rate reduction, but rather an effort to prevent some of the lenders’ more egregious loansharking practices, which basically boil down to upping the vig when they feel like it. The credit card issuers are NOT “good guys trying to make an honest buck”!