How’s that divorce settlement look now?

"I've got it and I'm keeping it!" Ms. Harridan stays the course

"I've got it and I'm keeping it!" Ms. Harridan stays the course

IB types in Britain are reviewing exactly how much they agreed to pay for the privilege of trading in the old battle axe in for a new one and aren’t happy. Here’s the sad story of one fellow whose wife of 26 years got 11 million pounds while his share has declined to a solitary million. For some reason she’s not sympathetic and he’s gone to court for relief. The lawyers interviewed in the article don’t think he’ll get any. Tough to get new arm candy when you’re worth a measly million pounds – trust me, I know – he may have to go find himself another old woman of fifty or so.


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4 responses to “How’s that divorce settlement look now?

  1. anonymous

    Cheaper to pay the divorce settlement when one’s net worth is near a low; divorce teaches the value of renting/leasing, not buying…liquidity is mispriced in many aspects of life, not just housing

  2. Old Coot

    Curious if that is a photograph of one of those critters you were hunting in the crawl space with a barbecue fork. I’m now going to rinse my eyes with bleach several times to erase all traces of that image.

  3. Vicky

    Isn’t that the wire service reporter Helen Thomas, who’s been covering the White House for a zillion years?