Maher Avenue

24 Maher Ave

24 Maher Ave

This nifty old house was reduced to $2.495 million today, a price that should attract more buyers than did the original price of $3.175. While one house on Maher, #25, did sell for $3.505 in 2006, nothing before or since has broken the $3 million barrier that I’m aware of. April of 2008 was, in retrospect, not the best time to try breaking that threshold again. At this price, it should attract those who like Maher, and they are legion. I myself consider it too close to the Brunswick kids and their Lexus SUVs on the street but I’m just an old grump.


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2 responses to “Maher Avenue

  1. Red

    Chris, I know this house and it’s great. It also has a nice deep backyard. While it is”old” in years, it has been completely redone inside so it doesn’t feel old or dark at all. If I were a new arrival from from NYC, I would grab this house. Close to town, restaurants, etc. If you hate Halloween, though, you might want to look elsewhere……

  2. Anonymous

    We lost our equity, our hedge fund collapsed, the share prices halved and got nationalised, there was no bonus to repay, and we’ve spent our savings. Apart from all that, I want it. Will anyone buy it for me?